We were called as warriors at this great time of prophesy, to make this effort from our hearts for our Mother Earth and for all our future generations yet to come.
We still Stand!

Welcome! If you have found your way here, there is a reason. We invite you to take a look around the site to see all of the many ways that Dan is working hard to preserve and protect Indigenous culture. Much of Dan's travels and work is funded out of his own pocket—something that he happily does because he believes wholeheartedly in his mission to educate others and celebrate Native traditions. Dan is always interested in sharing his experiences and knowledge. Please contact us with any inquiries regarding appearances or educational presentations. If you are inspired by what Dan is doing, we ask that you consider contributing to his work however you are able. No donation is too small or too large. It is appreciated more than there are words to express. Lem lempt!


Dan's Warrior Sovereignty Camp, Nespelem, WAfootage
begins at 6:10 into this video

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