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We were called as warriors at this great time of prophesy, to make this effort from our hearts for our Mother Earth and for all our future generations yet to come.
We still Stand!

Since you have found your way here, know there is a reason. You are invited to take a look around this site to see the many ways in which the Young Warrior Society and i are working hard to preserve and protect indigenous wisdom teachings and traditional knowledge about how to live sustainably in harmony with Mother Earth and all our relations. All are welcome to participate in and support this work in whatever way speaks to your heart.

Lem lempt

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On the road of healing, health n happiness walking in humility toward the vision of humanity learning to become rooted to the earth n sacred traditions connected to all life ~ focused on Native Culture for the benefit of all ~ working together in a sacred way for the next seven generations.

Young Warrior Society Logo

Join the public facebook Young Warrior Society-Food Sovereignty group.

This is an educational resource in which we share, learn, listen and grow. Together we take steps toward food security in our communities. We share information and work together to be able to:

  • learn cultural survival skills

  • learn outdoor survival skills

  • use green renewable energy

  • save seeds and grow gardens

  • gather sacred plant medicines

  • prepare and use herbal medicines

  • increase self resiliency & self sufficiency

  • share resources and develop trade net works

  • protect our environment and natural resources

  • and work together on upcoming trainings and warrior camps

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    Dan's personal fb page to be inspired, participate,
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2022 The Young Warrior Society Promo Video 3

premiered Apr 5, 2022

This is a glimpse of our educational presentations that we offer to schools and communities. It's a short 3 min video that will give you a better understanding of the types of very positive interactive experiences we wish to share with your group.

To view the complete video please click Here

2022 The Young Warrior Society
Year of Action and Good Medicine

premiered Jan 9, 2023

A year of challenges, we came together after two years of loss due to covid. What we found was very motivational...

In this year's story we witness the biggest step toward growth we have made in the past 5 years. Please enjoy these four beautiful songs and watch all the 2022 Young Warriors in action. Stay tuned til the end for some encouraging words from the Youth.

When we work together we can build a better tomorrow.

Come follow our journey and learn to become a part of something very inspiring for all communities, for all people. We take you on an interesting ride every step of the way. You will see a lot of happiness, witness humanity and hope in action.

Join the Young Warriors Society family as we inspire positive community change through sharing skills such as cultural resiliency, food sovereignty, building bridges of humanity and social and environmental awareness.
Please share this video and website with your schools, communities and educators. Reach out to us for presentations or how we may work together in 2024. There are more featured videos are below, many more digital stories under that tab above, click here for testimonials, and browse the other tabs for further info on the many projects we are working toward and how you may be a part.

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We, The Young Warrior Society invite you to be a part of this story!

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Lem lempt

2021 The Young Warrior Society Year of the Buffalo

premiered Jan 2, 2022

Let the music move you to action!

Join the Young Warriors Society family as we inspire positive community change through sharing skills such as cultural resiliency, food sovereignty, building bridges of humanity and social and environmental awareness.

We are making huge strides to improve indigenous and youth education, which this video is uplifting, and will keep you grooving as you follow a powerful story through the year of 2021 that has inspired people to heal, to unite and to stand together to make a positive change in our communities. You will find a team effort that you can support or join or follow to learn more ways to be inspired to create these changes in your own life and community.

Sharing stories of laughter, culture, and life

Colville tribal member Dan Nanamkin drums to an audience of 50 people or so at Wenatchee River Institue's Red Barn on the evening of Dec. 16, 2021

Dan Nanamkin, presented at the Red Barn as part of its event series "Spirit of Giving – Stories of Connection to the Natural World" presented by the Wenatchee River Institute. 


"'It’s a great honor and a great responsibility to talk about some very important things: creation stories,' said Nanamkin. 'Many times, I love to go to schools and share these stories' ... Nanamkin’s mom was the storyteller when he was very young and he remembers being captivated by the different stories she told him ... 'As a young boy, I was very inspired because these stories were just really inspirational and creative,' Nanamkin said. 'They inspire you to learn about our lands, learn about the animals and our sacred connection to all things. I wanted to hear more of these stories.'”


Read the full article by Shane Moses in the Tribal Tribune from January, 2022.

2020 The Young Warrior Society Year of the Warrior

Dan's first film production
premiered Feb 16th, 2021


An encouraging heartfelt epic story of cultural resiliency, courage and faith for the future during a time of great tragedy and loss. This story opens your eyes and your heart to a deeper meaningful purpose that ultimately can inspire us to become closer and think of what's most meaningful in life.
We, The Young Warrior Society invite you to be a part of this story!

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TEDxSpokane, October 2020

Spokane, WA
The power of sharing Native American history through storytelling!

Dan takes us back in time through performance and deep connection to his ancestral stories to hear passages passed down from generations before ~ stories of a Land that provided for its people and how the Native People nurtured it in response. Dan encourages schools to offer more accurate Native American culture and history into their curriculum, and moves us all to think about the Native Land we now call our home.

Dan is featured in Our Nations Spaces, Part 2

at about 15:00 minutes in ... filmed on the Colville Reservation
Part 2 premiered Dec 18, 2020

The "Our Nations Spaces" Project is a four part video series to feature 13 Performing Artists from Washington State. Part 2 features producer and pow wow composer Faran SoHappy; the Indigenous women's jam group "InterTribal Collective" feat. Itsa Shash; and flutist, educator, story teller, pow wow and ceremonial dancer, singer, drummer, and culture bearer Dan Nanamkin.

Young Warrior Society Sovereignty Camp

Nespelem, WA
Camp footage begins at 6:10 min



Dan Nanamkin:
preserving Indigenous culture

Summer 2020 Methow Arts

Tribal member Dan Nanamkin starts sovereignty camp in Nespelem

Tribal Tribune 2018



​Gratitude to Heather Raye for including Dan and his nephews in her feature film Paulette, singing Sweetgrass Honor Song.
(details will be added soon)

Sweetgrass Honoring Song - composer Dan
00:00 / 02:00

Dan sings and plays flute on Calling All Warriors on the newly released New Soul Majestic reggae album.

Dan is also a musician on the following films: United by Water, Akicita, Rumble, and on a soon to be released animation film, SISTER WOLVES, premiering now.

Dan also acts and plays music on an upcoming feature film titled
The Orphan Train ... details and links will be added soon.

read more about:
The Young Warrior Society ~ Camps
Educational Presentations
Native Culture
Standing Rock
River Warriors
Music ~ Life On Tour

Dan is always interested in sharing his experiences and knowledge. Much of his travel and work is funded out of his own pocket ~ something that he does happily because he believes wholeheartedly in his mission to educate others and rebuild native culture for the benefit of all.

If you are inspired to help Dan, please consider becoming an active supporter in any of these ways:

  • DONATE seeds, plants, garden tools, compost, building materials, etc...

  • Become one of Dan's PATREON supporters or see his Linktree for other funding options

  • VOLUNTEER your time, strengths, talents, and skills; share your knowledge, teach your skills during Camp or in the Facebook group

  • SCHEDULE an appearance by Dan in your creative project/event, or an educational presentation at your school or in your community

  • SHARE the link to this website with others ~ helping to raise awareness is very helpful and deeply appreciated.

    Please CONTACT Dan directly with any questions, ideas, or to let us know what materials you are able to donate. All support is deeply appreciated ~ more than words can express.

Lem Lempt!

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