Dan Nanamkin

k’oup?lus enim kl’a

(Thunder and Lightning)

Dan Nanamkin, from the Chief Joseph Band Of Wallowa, Nez Perce, and Colville Confederated Tribes of Washington State has been an advocate/teacher for indigenous culture, community unity, youth empowerment, racial equality, and peace for several decades. He is a man who believes in prayer, ceremony and helping the people.



Prior to Standing Rock, he took one of the leads in helping to restore our ancient canoe culture of the northwest plateau tribes, the River Warriors. This inspired him further to connect with the Water, something that led him to Standing Rock. His calling was to support the Standing Rock movement with every essence of his life and belief. He endured months of peaceful front line action at Standing Rock from September 2016 until March 2017.


Dan has since traveled across the nation with his two dogs and band, the One Tribe Movement. He is a performer and educational speaker, available to inspire and bring hope, unity and healing to people of all ages at colleges, high schools, children's events, community events, concerts, music festivals and pow wows. Contact Dan to discuss and schedule an event in your area!

He advocates for people to be better informed, to get more involved, to resist racism and violence, and to support the movement to protect Mother Earth! He is an aspiring public presenter, musician and author who remains active in bringing forth awareness of Native culture. His mission is to connect modern day people with the traditions that are still absolutely relevant and critical to life today. Dan hopes to bring back our traditional knowledge of the earth/plants/medicines/survival in a way to encourage our healing, wellness and respect for balance with Mother Earth and all living things.


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