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Creating Solutions in Unity 2021

Updated: May 19, 2021

VALUES: Honor-Empower-Respect-Service

“All men were made by the great spirit chief! They are all brothers!”

~ Chief Joseph

I started this newsletter with a quote from Chief Joseph. He is a very well known historical figure. He was the chief of our people, the Nez Perce. He is remembered as a great leader and humanitarian. He is one of my role models from my home town and tribe. I am honored to receive the sacred teachings from the last of the grandparents and many of today's ceremonial leaders. They were taught by the last of the last grandparents who walked in freedom on this Earth before colonization. The importance of these spiritual teachings hold valuable keys to humanity and to the protection to all that is sacred.

These values and teachings must live on!

“Everything on the Earth has a purpose, every disease a herb to cure it, and every person a mission. This is the Indian theory of existence.”

~ Christian Quintasket - Mourning Dove 1888-1936

(my great great great grandmother)

Mourning Dove was the very first Native American female Author

Our creation stories hold truths of our history, connections, and our inherent laws and responsibilities here on Mother Earth. Working with the youth, I advocate for our Indian education to be a part of school academia in tribal schools. We could become more aware at a very young age of our connection to mother earth and develop values such as: honor, respect, gratitude, and a deeper appreciation for all life. In these modern times of interpersonal struggle, these stories may provide a resource to see the true beauty of the lands where we live and our deeper purpose within.

Standing Rock - A turning point in American history. While there I worked diligently to create a bridge of Unity. I am called nationwide to share some of my stories in colleges, high schools, music festivals, cultural gatherings, documentaries and community events. I currently am a new member of the Front and Centered Foundation which is the largest POC group in the PNW that is a legislative body who stands strong for environmental and social justice issues.

I’ll continue to Stand for the rest of my days on this Earth, risking my own freedom, life and health to share the messages and experiences to inspire change. We do this for our future generations.

Prior to Standing Rock: I worked professionally as a community director/manager, event coordinator, youth educator, and cultural teacher. At one time I was also a tribal police officer, so I also stand up against police violence and systemic racism.

For the past four years, I took a road that was uncommon and sometimes very dark and dangerous. I took a leap of faith into the depths of human nature, removing myself from all my comforts of safety at home and my familiar social circles. I left financial security behind and stepped into a complex world to learn about humanity. A place where my hope and faith would ultimately be tested. While on this journey I have been inspired to create something that is very positive and healing for our children; something we could build together in unity, trust and friendship. So, I opened my home and we built it! ...

The Warrior Sovereignty camp. Is a safe place where everyone is welcome to share and to learn together about moving forward in a good way. A place where racism, bullying, drugs and alcohol are not permitted. A place which is always free of charge and open to anyone to attend, where we share our talents with each other and the Youth. We are in our 3rd year now. Examples of some of the skills offered here: indigenous wisdom, permaculture skills, wild crafting, primal life skills, herbology, food preservation, arts/crafts, wellness and community relationship building. We extend our skills and support to the local indigenous youth schools and boys and girls clubs. Please review my website: I have all my videos posted there for you to see - starting with 2020 The Year of the Warrior.

Due to COVID we had to adjust, but have not slowed down. Currently we are helping Paschal Sherman Indian School and the Colville Tribal Convalescent Center with their brand new gardens and learning. We are studying in the Washington State Teachers Artist Training lab to develop curriculum and share our education to local area schools and to out of area schools via zoom. We have inspired some young tribal members to join our team to become our next leaders. We also continue to do community outreach and have been very fortunate to recently strengthen our friendship in the Methow Valley communities - which we are very happy about. There are some upcoming videos I worked on with Methow Arts and the Methow Interpretive Centers and K Root radio that will be shared with that community and with local area schools. Furthermore we plan to be back to help with other community events and schools in that area.

What's ahead and how can you become a part

Young Warrior Sovereignty Camp: I have actively been writing grants and forming a team to begin a non profit this year. However, due to covid, grants are not always a certainty. So currently we have begun fund raising efforts for such things as: building a pit house, wind and cedar privacy fencing, a green house, transportation expenses, wifi, electricity, a riding lawn mower, storage shed, rototiller, lumber, paint, tools, food gatherings, solar panels, top soil, fuel-gift cards, cost for labor, and land excavator rental, tools and a generator. We need help with carpentry, painting, solar energy, painters, plumbers, earth excavating, misc tools. If you want to participate and support Warrior Sovereignty Camp you can donate items from this list, you can donate the skilled volunteer labor that is much needed, and/or you can support financially. My fundraising goal to get started is $5,000 . Go Fund Me link to support.

Let's write history; This is the year I will create a book. It could help save lives and promote healing, peace and unity amongst our people. I have never written a book before. I am reaching out to those more experienced in writing, editing, marketing, promo and publishing for your valuable expertise. The unique perspective in this book offers a great historical perspective during the most critical modern era of human and racial connections, written by someone at the front lines of truth and reconciliation.

By becoming a supporter or team member you become one of the hero’s in my story that shall highlight this land project and community building efforts.

I could not have done this all alone: Through the nationwide journey I have met many amazing people from all walks of life. These are the people who have supported me, encouraged me and have helped make everything we are doing now here a team effort. My monthly income is a generous $150 patreon donation but so far we made it this far in good health and spirit. I am simply the visionary and main power source offering up my own home and resources to manifest this vision.

However, it is the skills and the deep respect and love that everyone shares that keeps this hope and dream alive. I have grannies from Port Townsend and Republic contributing as well friends in Seattle, Leavenworth, Spokane, SandPoint, Methow, Leavenworth, Tonasket, Coulee Dam, Omak and Canada who have come to be a part of Camp. We have some top level skilled permaculturists and even an inventor of green energy transportation that comes to offer their time. Some of the expertise level within our group are well known, such as: Friends of the Trees, Inland Empire PermaCulture Guild, Bruce-Ruhl Design, Waste loop-Leavenworth, Sun Time Yurts, Methow Fiber LLC, Methow Arts, Saskatoon Circle, Nespelem WSU 4H, Nespelem Boys and Girls Club, Paschal Sherman Indian School, Potlatch Fund-Seattle, Front and Centered Foundation, Na’ah’illahee Fund (our fiscal sponsor-Seattle), Portland Indian Health board, Honor the Earth, River Warriors Society members, and more that we are working to partner with this year.

Other ideas: After we complete the infrastructure at the Young Warrior Society Camp, I envision creating a video documentary highlighting us all working together and sharing our thoughts and experience we have learned working together. I think our world needs to see some positive news of racial harmony that acknowledges the indigenous culture and our Stand for our Lands and Youth.

Educational videos: I am looking to networking and find support to create resources for educational videos. Being a storyteller, performance artist and musician I have plenty to share. Now, all that is needed is a creative team and financial support to make these educational videos happen utilizing the latest technology.

FOOD MEDICINE: Our tribe does not have a nutritionist or dietician. Currently, our tribal population suffers disproportionately from diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc. We need more education about the nutritional values of natural foods and plant medicines. This year my hope is to be a nutritional guinea pig, so to speak. Starting in late May, for a minimum of one meal a day, I will only eat natural foods from our lands, more organic foods, and less of the processed foods sold at our local store’s deli. I hope that, by eating more of our “traditional” foods and plants, improvements in my own health (including weight loss) will encourage more people to take natural foods more seriously. I will be looking to connect with herbalist, and others to nutritional experts to support this initiative.



Due to covid we have had to change things up a lil bit and cannot have the large work parties as you may have seen happening here in previous Camp videos. I am willing to have a couple small work parties to get this year's garden under way.

Saturday May 22nd starting at 10am

(other dates are open if you wish - please email me)

Agenda for MAY work party:

  • Build this year's successful garden and planting seed starts.

  • Prepare transplants for the Convalescent Center garden.

  • Eat a healthy meal together

  • Have a healing talking circle

  • Share music and create awesome plans on how we can improve health and relationships thru this period of the covid.

  • Discuss healing plant medicines for covid

  • Make magical plans for the summer months skill camps Email me at to sign up. Space is limited. A place to sleep and food for camp will be provided, but you are welcome to bring food and drinks as you wish. There will be special gifts for those who come help and to our top level fundraising donors.

Extreme caution and safety protocols must be our primary concern. Anyone with compromised health conditions or of the at risk population please stay home and stay safe. We love you, so we need you to be well. Email me for safety details and to discuss any concerns.

Anyone with plants starts to share, fruit trees, fruit bush, flowers, lawn sod, decorative plants, and/or shrubs - we could add them here as well. We need anyone with a rototiller, and a few men with some strong backs to help load/unload some earth. If I can get help from anyone with some carpentry skills I would love to try to make something new in this year's garden and fix up our green house (wind damaged).

This summer, we have some youth programs interested in joining us for some skill camps. I will post the next newsletter with those dates so we can plan something for this summer to continue learning together. It may be in early July...? Message me if you are interested in helping out.


4 ways to support the Young Warrior Society land project!

1. Send supplies/support to Dan Nanamkin POB 523, Nespelem WA 99155 (mailing address - message me if you want to volunteer and need the physical address)

2. GoFundMe: please click here to send monetary support.

3. Paypal: please click here

4. Patreon: please click here


2. Click to WATCH the amazing WARRIOR LAND PROJECT

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