All my adult life I have been judged by what I contributed, or not, to our colonized world. However, I would rather be remembered by our future generations for what I contributed to the survival of our Indigenous culture.

Dan Nanamkin’s journey is dedicated for the benefit all Life. What he has accomplished in the last couple of years with the volunteer help of many is remarkable. Most, not all, of Dan's efforts thus far have been completely self-funded. He has helped, educated, and inspired countless people. And, that is just the beginning of a greater vision.

Dan continues to make great personal sacrifices ~ that's what true Warriors do. However, ultimately, this path is not meant to be traveled alone. This path calls for all of us to join in and contribute, in whatever way/s we are able. For the Young Warrior Society land project and other community outreach programs to continue, for his book to be written, for the ancient Wisdom Teachings to be passed on to the future ancestors, we are called to join in and help make these things happen.


For the past two years, Dan’s journey has been difficult due to a lack of funds. Dan has learned firsthand that grants are extremely competitive; applications for them thoroughly time consuming; and applying for non-profit status is a complex and daunting task. Such work is not Dan's area of expertise! Clearly, the less Dan is concerned about having enough gas money to make it home from presentations, and the less time he spends completing application forms for grants that go nowhere, the more he can focus, for example, on actually helping the Youth, protecting Mother Earth for all future generations, sharing Wisdom Teachings, and writing his book.  

So, how can you support Dan’s work?  Here are 8 ways!  Can you think of more ???

  • Make a monthly donation by being one of Dan’s Patreon subscribers. Dan can plan ahead far more effectively and budget far more efficiently with a steady flow of funds he can rely on. Being able to depend on outside funding is essential, so we ask for your help. Please become a Patreon subscriber of any amount. Every contribution helps a lot!

  • Make a one-time contribution via PayPal. Simply click the Donate button below to contribute any amount, whenever and however often you can.

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AND/OR, help get the word out. Even if you don't have the funds to donate, you may know others who do. Help others help Dan by informing and educating them ~ your family, friends, colleagues, followers ... Do all that you can to inform other people about the essential work Dan and all of the Volunteers are doing. Think creatively!



  • Follow Dan on Instagram and share his posts

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  • Invite friends to become Dan’s Patreon subscriber.


  • Contact Dan if you know of a group that might benefit from one of his presentations.



Sincere thanks to all of you who help lift Dan up in this journey. Everything you do, all of the kindness and positive energy is so appreciated. We hope you will continue to join in Dan's efforts and be a part of rebuilding Native traditions for the benefit of all.

Lem Lempt


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