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Dan Nanamkin
k’oup?lus enim kl’a
Thunder and Lightning

Dan Nanamkin, from the Chief Joseph Band Of Wallowa, Nez Perce, and Colville Confederated Tribes of Washington State. During his upbringing he experienced great blessings in storytelling, language, spiritual teachings, ceremonies and traditional songs and knowledge, passed to him from a very early age by his Elders. Dan believes in prayer, ceremony and helping the people and lives his life in this good way.

Dan has been an advocate~teacher for indigenous culture, community unity, youth empowerment, racial equality, health, harmony, happiness, and peace for several decades. Through his adult life he has served the youth and communities as a community events director, prevention programs coordinator, cultural educator, health and wellness instructor and through selfless community service.

Dan's mission is to help connect modern day people with the indigenous traditions which are still absolutely relevant and critical to healthy living today. He is dedicated to bringing back traditional survival skills: knowledge of the earth ~ water ~ plants ~ medicines ~ traditional foods ~ traditional shelter and food storage ~ respect for and balance with Mother Earth and all living things ~ knowledge that is critical for our healing, happiness, and the well being of the next seven generations.


Prior to Standing Rock, Dan took one of the leads in helping to restore our ancient canoe culture of the northwest plateau tribes, the River Warriors. This inspired him further to connect with the Water, something that led him to Standing Rock. His calling was to support the Standing Rock movement with every essence of his life and belief. He endured months of prayerful front line action at Standing Rock from September 2016 until March 2017.

After Standing Rock Dan traveled across the nation with his two dogs, Ch' ch' oops and Poosiya, and the band One Tribe Movement.  They performed and gave educational presentations which inspired and brought hope, unity and healing to people of all ages and all cultures at colleges, high schools, children's events, community events, concerts, music festivals and pow wows.


In 2018 Dan founded The Young Warrior Society, and serves as the director of this hands on community of all ages volunteer group effort which provides local outreach and school presentations based on indigenous-led land based education.


Thanks to funding from the Washington State Arts Commission through an Arts Integration grant, Dan recently completed the Washington State Teachers Artist Training for the North Central Educational District. This allows him to provide access to students within this education system to art that is meaningfully integrated into all school subjects.

Dan travels across the nation wherever he is called to advocate for environmental and social justice, humanity, youth empowerment, diversity, and to create bridges of healing and unity. He brings a unique personality and perspective, and generously shares knowledge to all walks of life through appearances on television, feature films, music recordings, documentaries, news, art, and social media.

Writing his first book is a work in progress...

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Under the Harvest Moon of 2020, Warrior Poosiya crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
With his protection from the other side, Dan, Ch' ch' oops, and young Skookum now continue together to serve as traditional creation story tellers, cultural ambassadors, and advocates for the youth, food sovereignty, and unity.


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~ To invite Dan as a public inspirational speaker, traditional story teller, educator, author, singer, drummer, Native American flute player, northern traditional dancer, dance and drum instructor, pow wow master of ceremonies, pow wow coordinator, arena director, head man dancer, head dance and drum judge, youth advocate, and/or ... please contact him directly by CLICKING HERE


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