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Young Warrior Society Fundraiser

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Update April 30, 2021 by Daniel Nanamkin, Organizer

This year we will host work parties and skill share camps in May, Summer and Fall. We are working to extend new services with which to support our local Convalescent Center, additional area schools and youth programs, as well increase outreach to communities in general within North Central Washington. We are a volunteer community group working with area schools to help create curriculum and education to promote health, healing and human unity.

This year we plan to conduct an experiment to promote the value of natural foods and plant medicines. Then we hope to share information about that experiment with community about the health benefits of natural foods and plant medicines ~ how they promote healing and help with weight loss.

Our hope is to develop videos and other technology to increase outreach programs for additional schools, communities and social media, whereby we will be able to provide education and awareness to a wider audience. Because our net work and exposure is growing, we expect to be able to share video content demonstrating this year's success to a larger growing audience and will acknowledge all those who have contributed, including our major sponsorships.

This year's fundraising goal of $5,000 will support efforts toward: greenhouse, privacy/wind fence, pit house storytelling lodge, top soil, electricity/wifi, transportation, lumber, paint/stain, labor. The amount we are asking will not cover the entirety of the total costs, however we plan to continue grant writing and will develop a non profit that may aid in these efforts. However this funding we are asking for will certainly help us to move forward without delay during the crucial time period of the growing and harvesting season.

You can also support in other ways as we will also require: landscaping supplies, gas gift cards, home depot gift cards, basic carpentry skill, labor help, painting, computer tech skills, networking and more.


Every bit of support will help us toward completing our goal and open up an opportunity for us to provide something very amazing that can inspire the world. This is only the very first step in creating a project that can include all our communities working together, honoring humanity for the benefit of Mother Earth and our future generations.


There is another much, much bigger goal ahead. I want you to be a part of something that will inspire generations to come. Thank you for taking this opportunity.


Lem lempt ~ Dan

August 1st, 2021, admin UPDATE:
The 2021 Young Warrior Society Fundraiser is a little more than halfway to the goal amount of $3,000.
Every little bit helps ~ your generous donations ~ large and small ~ and contributions of prayers, time, talent, supplies ...
help to build this Bridge of Unity together!
Lem lempt
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