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dan nanamkin as an artistic performer

Dan has been performing as a musical artist and Native dancer for many years. He now has the privilege of combining art and activism in the pursuit of bringing new perspectives to others. Dan has made cameo appearances in films and hopes to continue expanding his artistic training to include acting. He is a natural storyteller and  enjoys bringing ideas to life whether on film or stage.

In addition to his performing, Dan is currently working on several writing projects and hopes to publish a book in the near future. If you are interested in what Dan has to offer as a performer, please get in touch. He is always looking for opportunities to collaborate with other artists. Get it touch & let's make something wonderful happen!

To all you aunties & to all the grannies!! NO regrets!! Love to all u ladies!


Dan plays flute, sings and howls on the
Calling All Warriors
of this

Keep It Burning
audio CD.

Now available for order!

Available on all major digital platforms!

While at Standing Rock, Dan met some fellow front line Water Protectors who played beautiful music. They shared similar thoughts, ideas and passion. So, after Standing Rock Camp ended, they "banded" together along with the International Indigenous Youth Council runners and began to travel across the nation. The One Tribe Movement is the only band in the world that was arrested at Standing Rock! Feel welcome to listen to our music and you will understand our commitment to the Earth, to sacred teachings, unity, support of our youth and cultural teachings. We have been honored to play on stage with some powerful family and friends. We have spread our messages far and wide in hopes to encouraging our relatives to Stay Risen!!

The facebook live stream videos of Dan performing with The One Tribe Movement posted here previously are presently "not available" (along with many fb videos about other subjects).  For now, here is one informal recording of Dan playing the Native flute ...

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