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All my adult life I have been judged by what I contributed, or not, to our colonized world. However, I would rather be remembered by our future generations for what I contributed to the survival of our Indigenous culture.


In 2020 and 2021 Dan has helped local communities through the covid-19 pandemic and the fires by supplying food grown from the Three Sisters Garden, medicines, ceremonies, prayer gatherings, and support for Elders and Youth through community outreach. Also, with the help of volunteers, prayer, mutual respect, and hard work, The Youth Warrior Society and Three Sisters Garden continue to grow during these times of social distancing.


Over the past years Dan has traveled countless miles to attend ceremonies, pow wow's, rallies, actions, and various trainings ~ often driving non-stop through the night to get from one event to the next ~ all along the way helping others, learning from others, educating and inspiring others from Time Square in New York City to Los Angeles, California. Through all of his travels, Dan continues to share his focus on Native Culture ~ build a stronger network of Unity ~ bridge diverse cultures ~ and help to heal old wounds. This is just the beginning of his greater vision.

Most of Dan's efforts have been completely self-funded which has added a level of stress to much of what he has accomplished.  Dan has applied for many grants and is forever grateful for the support he has received from several. Now he knows first hand how extremely competitive grants are and that applications for them are thoroughly time consuming. He has also researched applying for non-profit status ~ a task he has found to be complex and daunting ~ especially while keeping the immediate needs of others as top priority.

Dan's hope for the future is to be able to focus more on taking care of the Elders, helping the Youth, tending the Garden, protecting Mother Earth for all future generations, storytelling ~ sharing wisdom teachings of Native Culture ~ and writing his book for the benefit of all future generations ... and have to focus far less how to have enough gas money to make it home from helping others.

Dan continues to make great personal sacrifices ~ that's what warriors do. And, the path of Unity is not meant to be traveled alone. For The Young Warrior Society, the Three Sisters Garden / land project and other Community Outreach programs to continue, for his book to be written, for the ancient wisdom teachings of Native Culture to be passed on to the future ancestors, Dan needs help to make these things happen. This path calls for many hearts and hands to join in and contribute.

What would be ideal for the future of The Young Warrior Society is for a volunteer/s to help with grant writing and setting up a non-profit. Please Contact Dan if you are willing and able to help in either of those ways. Thank You.


Young Warrior Society Camps and Community Outreach programs are free of charge and open to the public. Donations of supplies, food, funds, and helping hands are always welcome.


The Young Warrior Society Summer Camp 2018
Gratitude to all who helped make this happen from the beginning!

Lem Lempt

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