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Part 1 – Introduction

Dan Nanamkin is from the Colville Confederated Tribes and lives in Nespelem, Washington. Dan shares his culture through storytelling, music and dance.

Part 2 – What inspires you to share your work?

Dan talks about his experiences as a teacher at the Paschal Sherman Indian School and seeing how students have lost their cultural identity have inspired him to share the cultural wisdom and teachings with young people.

Part 3 – Seasons, the Stars and Subsistence

Dan shares how ancestors used the stars, seasons, and general awareness of the natural world to thrive. He also talks about how sharing the stories of his culture can bring hope to a variety of different people.

Part 4 – Connection to the World: Plants, Health, Medicine, Healing

Dan shares how his culture connects to the world through nature to benefit health, medicine and healing. He also discusses how modern industrialization has impacted the land and traditions.

Part 5 – Blessings

Dan talks about the variety of ways he is able to share his story and culture with the world whether it be through speaking engagements, music, or movies. He dives deeper into his own experiences and how he has gotten to where he is today.

Part 6 – Demo:
Playing the Flute

Share this video with your students to introduce them to Dan and traditional indigenous music.

Part 7 – Standing Rock

Dan shares his experience and stories from his time at Standing Rock, including a story about healing and unity.

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