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Water Is Life

Dan's story is like that of so many others who went to Standing Rock—it was a profound and life-changing experience. The person who arrived there in September was not the same person who left Standing Rock in March. Dan was arrested protecting the front line Treaty Camp. His experience has given him an in-depth and personal perspective of the Camp life and Warrior life of the Standing Rock Water Protectors. Here are videos, photos, stories and memories to share in hope that they serve to inspire our new generation of Warriors.

Many photos and videos below. Some may take a moment to load.


The Hunkpapa Nation (Chief Sitting Bull - Standing Rock) were allies at one time with our people the Nez Perce, in 1877 when Chief Joseph was forced to surrender, it was decided Chief Whitebird and many others who were able bodied would escape from the Bearpaw Battlefield and continue on toward Sitting Bull who was up in Saskatchewan. 

The full story was told to me by Lawtiwa Otis Halfmoon and was one of the reasons I went to Standing Rock ~ to honor what the Hunkpapa did to help our Neemepoo people long ago who escaped n sought refuge during that cold winter with the Hunkpapa people.

Here in this video it was minus 25 degrees it was so icy biting cold but my Hunpapa Elder Wahnahsay and me decided we were going to support the Youth who themselves decided they together would re light the Sacred Fire this day... we are encouraged by the Youth to support them with what we have.

The Camp seemed very dark n depressing up to this point after the original Sacred Fire was put was never the same after that point.

I did not know my friend Toni was there recording this that day. There are a lot of things that happened at Camp and certain actions that people have no idea ever happened at Standing Rock. But there were so many times we experienced love on many levels it would be a shame never to share that now with a world that is hurting and needs to be reminded how strong n beautiful we all are if we get behind each other... Don’t be afraid to let out your war whoops and lilili’s in prayer n support... Pick each other up and be brave enough to risk it all for the love of one another n our future generations!! Become fearless for love!

This is our Nez Perce Warrior Song, the Duc & Dive. It’s a storytelling dance that exemplifies the courage n bravery of our Nez Perce Warriors, whose legacy lives in my blood today. I dance in honor n memory of our Ancestors and in support of our future generations. Song sung by my Lawtiwa Stephen Paul.

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Dan Nanamkin - SR walk w dog


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