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Dan Nanamkin - Standing in Water.jpg

The wind is flowing, the sun is shining … seasons will change.
Love never dies!
The same love my ancestors had for me long ago
runs swiftly thru my veins.
The love I have for the children and our future generations
is carried in my voice!
Like the circle of life, we will forever be bond to one another
just as the seasons!
Our people need prayers for we stand at a moment of truth,
truth of our understanding between these two worlds ...
It is a heavy burden to walk in the foot prints of our ancestors
and carry the future of our youth in a world
that does not yet understand.

Dan is a pow wow dancing and drummer instructor, pow wow master of ceremonies, arena director, pow wow coordinator, head man dancer and head dance and drum judge. Dan has been a dancing and singing for over 28 years. He has experienced the best and worst, all the changes. He is fair and impartial. He shares many personal spiritual experiences and Native teachings honoring this way of life. Dan also plays the traditional flute. He has spent many years working to preserve Native culture and to share it with others. Here is a video of Dan dancing a traditional dance at a pow wow in 2019.


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