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NANAMKIN - Standing Rock w tipi
The Ground Shots Podcast is an audio project exploring our relationship to ecology through conversations and storytelling.

How do we do our work in the modern age, when the urgency of ecological and social collapse feels looming?
How do we creatively and whole-heartedly navigate our relationships with one another and the land?

Episode #39: Dan Nanamkin on the importance of indigenous led skill-share with sovereignty camps

June 5, 2020

Episode #56: Dan Nanamkin part two: Gabe Crawford catches up with Dan on how his indigenous community stepped up to Covid, updates on the Young Warrior Society

March 28, 2021

Gabe Crawford interviews Dan about:

  • Dan’s new podcast “Honor All Life

  • update on Sovereignty Camps and the name change to Young Warrior Society

  • organic food access on the reservation

  • how Dan’s community stepped up during Covid to support one another

  • some #landback talk from Dan’s perspective

  • the difficulty of being able to tend and harvest native first foods with how land is now split up in modern times due to colonization, racism, access issues

  • some updates on Dan’s land projects

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