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On road of healing, health n happiness walking in humility toward the vision of humanity learning to become rooted to the earth n sacred traditions connected to all life ~ rebuilding Native Culture for the benefit of all.

Shared my vision with our guests: to build this cultural land project to bring learning of our traditional foods, medicines, and culture. Here are morel mushrooms, elderberry, rose hip, flat cedar, canned sxwusum, xast xast, and mountain tea I sent with them from our lands for their Longest Walk journey.March 13, 2018

Dan Nanamkin The Land Project


The Land Project- Dan Nanamkin

The Young Warrior Society Center is a place where Youth are free to learn, to create, and to cultivate deeper connections with our reservation and cultural practices. Education is such an important part of making sure young children carry on the fundamental values of our culture. We want the children to understand our traditions, as well as play a active role in how we all maintain them. To stay well informed about the progress of this Center, dates of events such as seasonal Camps, all of Dan's multidimensional endeavors, and explore ways in which you can contribute to the manifestation of this Center, you are invited to join The Young Warrior Society facebook group.

What in the past has been referred to as the "Land Project" and "Sovereignty Camp" is now officially "The Young Warrior Society". The Young Warrior Society will be established as a non-profit organization in Washington State as soon as our funding goals have been reached to do so. All revenue generated through educational presentations, book sales, donations, grants, etc., is for the long term benefit of The Young Warrior Society.

Through generous donations large & small, as of July 30th the

Young Warrior Society Gofundme Fundraiser

is over half way toward reaching 2021's goal!
Check it out! Every dollar helps build this Bridge of Unity.

Please consider helping us reach our 2021 goal.


The Young Warrior Society encourages and shares these ideas with the world:

  • Relearning our sacred knowledge, our cultural path from our elders and wisdom keepers of the land.

  • Promoting self-sustainability and decreasing our dependence on government entities.

  • Living in traditional type lodgings and structures.

  • Truly taking steps to regain our independence and sovereignty.

  • Educating with what honors humanity and promotes Unity ~ and offering wisdom teaching both within the educational system and without.


The vision has already begun to create a network of people of all colors and skill sets, to form a safe place to host educational camps throughout the year.** These camps will be open to everyone; and maintain a strict NO alcohol, drugs, or bullying policy. The behavior code of The Young Warrior Society is built on respect, trust and honor. This will be a safe place to learn and share. So, come self-reliant with a positive attitude, ready to learn and/or share! Be willing to help and have fun!


In 2018 we began the work on what we referred to then as the "Land Project". We hope to continue with seasonal Camps open to the public. Below you can see the foundation we began building for the future. With many hands and hearts contributing their labors of love, this Center is already growing, much like the seeds we planted in the earth. Please consider sponsorship of The Young Warrior Society. Your help and support is essential to the continued success of this important undertaking. If you are interested in attending a Camp, taking a tour, or helping in any way, please get in touch and let us know!

**[2021 update: covid protocols are being followed, Camp participation has been altered accordingly ... for example, The Young Warrior Society has been very active in safely helping to organize and participate in Colville Fire support efforts, coordinated with other stellar organizations ... this has been one excellent example of the need for us to continue to build a Young Warrior Society bridge of Unity.]



The Ground Shots Podcast is an audio project that features conversations and storytelling about our relationship with ecology through the intersections of activism and creativity. In this conversation with Dan, we talk about:

  • Dan's sovereignty Camp skill-share project which focuses on educating native youth about traditional skills

  • how sovereignty Camp started and Dan's motivations for the project

  • what skills are taught at the camp

  • why creating an educational alternative for native youth away from mainstream schooling that includes a focus on cultural education is important

  • the importance of indigenous led skills-shares

  • why land skills are important for indigenous sovereignty

  • Dan's visions for the future of the camps and his land project

  • how folks can support Dan's sovereignty Camp project

A few words inspired today here in the mountains to stand together. The Young Warrior Society.
Dan Nanamkin ~ December 14, 2020

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