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Prayer ~ April 15, 2021 at the

Methow Valley Interpretive Center.

For our youth and those struggling to find your connection in life!

Be inspired by the love of our ancestors.

This is my prayer for u ...

Understanding Regalia ~ May 3, 2021
Attire worn by Indigenous people at spiritual and ceremonial events has specific meaning and significance.

Very honored by Methow Arts to share some education for the Youth to help understand some of our teachings.

lem lempt

The Value of Stories - May 3, 2021

In this video, Dan graciously shares insight into the significance of stories in Indigenous culture. Click here for the link to the Colville Book of Legends

Land Acknowledgement ~ May 10, 2021


A land acknowledgment is a formal statement that recognizes & respects Indigenous Peoples as traditional stewards of lands. At it's core a land acknowledgment is an expression of gratitude and appreciation, an honoring of the land and those who have traditionally cared for it.

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