Dan has been working for several decades as a Native cultural ambassador-teacher and public, motivational speaker. He has done presentations from the fourth grade to college level classes; enjoys promoting youth empowerment, spiritual wellness and healing of our wounded spirits; and, excels in community activation and Young Warrior training camps. Some of his educational presentations are being videoed for public viewing on sites such as Dan's YouTube Channel, Honor All Life Podcasts, TEDx Talks and the Methow Arts Foundation's cultural resources.

His educational presentations are impactful and entertaining, honest and informative. This is a very powerful time in history. It is very important that our Indigenous voices be heard by today’s youth. There are natural laws, spiritual laws, protocols—all rites of passages that teach us about respect and honor.  There is history to bring to our hearts so we may heal and move forward together, united on a better path. Dan is currently writing a book, and creating educational videos, music and engaging activities to bring to classrooms and/or community events.

A Letter of Recommendation from

Ms. Sarah Fox - Nature Immersion Coordinator/Lead Teacher

Paschal Sherman Indian School, Omak, Washington

To schedule an appearance for your students and/or community, please email Dan directly: To stay informed about upcoming appearances, please click HERE to access Dan's LinkT.ree social media page.


Here are examples of presentations that Dan loves to share and are currently available. All presentations can be adapted to meet specific requests, number of attendees, indoor/outdoor settings, etc...


Dan Nanamkin Presentation
  • 1 to 2 hours. All ages are welcome. 4th grade and older preferred.

  • A great presentation for school ages, service groups, cultural festivals, community organizations, general public


The focus of this presentation is to empower individuals to reach their fullest potential and build bridges between communities. We can all succeed and create positive change for our world through respectful relationships toward one another and appreciation for Indigenous culture and wisdom. Dan tells vivid entertaining stories that will keep you on edge of your seat, belly laughing and thinking deeply, while breaking down cultural barriers and moving your body in a healthy way. Dan will discuss the importance of Water, Animals and our connection to all living things (meaning all of us People as well). Participants will learn about Native spirituality, prayer, respect and gratitude.



This is a beautiful story Dan tells through his awakening at Standing Rock and the work he continues to do across the country. This presentation also gives a look into the book Dan is currently writing and is very excited to share with you.


  •  All ages, races, genders, from all walks of life are invited to these workshops. There is no blaming, no shaming, no bullying, no hate, no finger pointing, no blaming, no victims. It is a time of a great Healing and Harmony, a time for UNITY and Hope. 


Foods & Families goes back to our sacred creation stories and the teachings of our sacred responsibilities to the Earth. Attendees will come out of this presentation with a deeper understanding of Native culture, connection to the Earth, the foods and the animals, and why the cultural genocide of our people is something that we must not only confront, but most importantly, what we can do to work TOGETHER. This presentation is a time of HEALING and UNDERSTANDING. Dan takes the participants through this process step-by-step, together, to create a sense of belonging, and to revitalize of our warrior spirit to Stand Up for Mother Earth for our future generations.


Dream Catcher
  • Option A: 1 hour presentation geared toward school-age children & young adults

Dan discusses traditional discipline techniques as well his own experience growing up at a time when punishment was more severe. The focus then connects with modern issues of bullying, racism, discrimination of all classes of people. From there, the group will work together to build a sense of integrity, honor and respect to our circle, creating a new vision to live and work together in harmony. Dan connects with youth and young adults struggling thru some of life's hardest challenges and has helped some through critical life choices such as suicidal thoughts, depression, homelessness, drug/alcohol addictions, drop outs, and some who where just feeling lost and hopeless.


Dan has been a pow wow dancer for over 28 years. He has some amazing stories and teachings to share from this journey. He has danced and won contests in four different dance styles and also as a pow wow singer. He also has worked as a host drum, head man dancer, pow wow coordinator, master of ceremony, head dance and drum judge and arena director. His trail has brought him from coast to coast, from north to south, and through four provinces of Canada. Dan shares fun, knowledgeable stories and teachings, and is happy to give demonstrations and instructional classes.


Dan's areas of expertise as a presenter are many. Other topics that he has spoken on include, but are not limited to:

  • Young Warrior Society Camps - Coordinate efforts to bring the community back to raising our children in a fun, positive manner. Advocate for indigenous cultural education, environmental rights, tribal food sovereignty, and improve health for our communities. ~ Watch 2020 The Year of the Warrior!!!

  • Native Culture - topics such as Understanding Regalia, The Value of Stories, Land Acknowledgement  - VIEW MORE of Dan's guest appearances at Methow Arts; The Power of Sharing History Through Story-Telling! - guest appearance on TEDx Spokane.

  • Drug & Alcohol Recovery - Trials of the good Red Road and the challenges of Native sobriety.

  • Grief, Loss, Healing - Find wisdom and healing in Native traditions and prayer through the most difficult times.

  • Suicide Awareness & Prevention - Understand the suicide crisis, how it has impacted Native communities, and steps we can take to prevent suicide - this includes classes for the Youth on Youth Suicide Prevention.

  • Native Community Health - Learn about healthy food choices, exercise, and prevention of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, common in Native populations. Dan is a Certified Fitness Instructor for youth and adults thru the Native American Council on Fitness and Exercise. He loves to teach Native dance, show people how he lost 60 lbs in a year and eliminated being pre diabetic, and teach the benefits, enjoyment and fun of walking, MMA self defense, and Indigenous games. 

  • Cultural Sensitivity Workshop - a powerful workshop for EVERYONE!

  • Direct Action - Dan has a great perspective and stories to share about the spiritual communities where he has served, including eight months at Standing Rock, other trainings and front line warrior actions, as well as a community actions across the nation.

  • Life Coach - in progress at this time, please stay tuned if interested. Dan is a beast of a coach for runners (he has trained champions), dancers, MMA fitness, workouts, and self defense. He is also called upon to talk about issues, the real deep issues, and decision making in a world that is striving to make uncomfortable changes. 

  • Health and Wellness - covering the four aspects of health and well being.

  • Gambling Addiction - more to be added

  • TV and Film - Dan shares his experiences working in TV, documentaries, news, and feature film. 

CONTACT Dan directly for more information and arrange for a presentation for your school, workplace, or community group. He is always happy to create a presentation, class, or seminar customized to your needs and interests.


Dan Nanamkin - w kids - sweat lodge
Dan Nanamkin - w kids

Kind Words From Those Who Listened

My name is Sarah Fox and I write to express support and recommendation for Dan Nanamkin. I have been a public school teacher for 12 years, earning my single subject teaching credential in English. I worked at the secondary school level in England, Salinas, California, and currently, Omak, Washington on the Colville Reservation. In my career, I have served for several years as the English Head of Department, the GATE Coordinator, and currently as the Nature Immersion lead teacher and coordinator at Paschal Sherman Indian School. Over my years I have witnessed many outstanding characteristics intrinsic to effective educators, such as diligence, empathy, and a desire for continual growth; not only does Dan display these critical attributes, he also comes with enthusiasm and an ability to think creatively whilst facilitating the highest calibre of education for tribal youth. 

Living on one acre in Nespelem, he has transformed a once rugged and nutrient depleted soil to a thriving garden which supports the nutritional well-being of the surrounding community. As the creator and lead of the Young Warrior Society, he showcases versatility, resilience and professionalism through the commitment of hours of prep and workshop opportunities offered to tribal youth across the Colville reservation. My middle school students at Paschal Sherman have been working with Dan for two years, attending his innovative workshop offerings ranging from traditional foods and medicine, permaculture, ancestral skills, gardening and storytelling. Dan has become one of our most valued community partners and continues to put everything on the line for the empowerment of indigenous youth.


Dan is constantly challenging himself to expand his knowledge so he may share with his community. He is an experienced collaborator and educator, showcasing an unrivaled willingness to learn and teach. I have worked with him on curriculum development and other contractual work with community partners and elders to provide diverse learning opportunities for our students. Dan’s work calls for the integration of holistic and place-based teachings meant to inspire the youth to maintain their cultural pathways and create sustainable ways of living with

the land and each other. He is a living embodiment of what it means to cultivate traditional and cultural ways whilst maintaining a modern presence in the ever increasing demands of society. 

Dan exudes an unwavering optimism and perseverance to share his story. Through his activism on the front lines at Standing Rock, to his lived experience growing up on the Colville Reservation, Dan is skilled at connecting his audience with his storytelling and music, offering wisdom through the multitude of experiences he has. He showcased an ability to connect with whoever he is speaking to, making him an adept and engaging presenter. 

It is with great honor that I give support to Dan Nanamkin for his courage and resilience in offering these teachings.

Sincerest regards, 

Ms. Sarah Fox 

Nature Immersion Coordinator/Lead teacher 

Paschal Sherman Indian School , Omak, Washington

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

Dan, thank you for coming to Fresno City College and inspiring our youth with your beautiful presentation on water. So many students have commented on how your words and experiences have changed their lives and views on Mother Earth.  Please know how grateful we are to have shared some time with you. Never stop doing this amazing work. — Dr. Bernard Navarro, Fresno City College professor of American Indian Studies and sociology.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

Dan Nanamkin is a name you know. He has traveled a lot over the last year.  He has experienced things that he had only thought were stories his ancestors told. He stood at Standing Rock. He saw people of all nationalities, sexes and backgrounds joined together as brothers and sisters. I could listen for hours and hours about how a higher has guided him and directed him. The storyteller in him is from a long time ago, and his words bring you back in time but are just as relevant today, if not desired more than ever in today’s age. — Jesse Utz, The Star, May 2, 2018.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

Hello teacher folk (and plain ol' folks)! Here is a very thoughtful and educational presentation you may wish to share with your students. Dan is a very kind and engaging speaker to have for your classes as well. My students loved learning from him. He has a gentle way that helps them to feel safe about asking hard questions they might otherwise be afraid to ask. Thank you for sharing, Dan Nanamkin. — Becky Campbell, School Teacher, Sandpoint Idaho, May 4, 2021

(Comment re YouTube Video - "Understanding Regalia", Methow Arts, May 3, 2021)


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